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5 Reasons Realtors must use IMOTO Real Estate Photography

Posted by Darryl Glade on May 27, 2014

We all know that 9 out of 10 buyers are using the Internet to search for real estate. But did you know that those same buyers expect real estate agents to use professional photography? A recent statistic from NAR shows that 88% of online real estate buyers want to view listings with professional quality photography. That is an incredible statistic and shows the importance of high-quality marketing content in real estate. Luckily, IMOTO photo produces such high-quality material! Here are 5 more reasons why you should use IMOTO:

  1. Professionalism - IMOTO was created to serve Realtors and we know that Realtors are small business owners. Our business model was created with one purpose: respect our clients as small business owners and give them the professionalism they deserve. We respond to every order quickly and we have plenty of photographers so we can get to your listing in a short period of time. Our photographers have a strict training period so they learn the professionalism required of an IMOTO photographer.
  2. 24 hour turnaround - Our clients receive their photos by the next business morning. We know that time is of the essence for getting photos into your local multiple listing services and that is why we built our business to offer rapid turnaround. The best part is that we do not charge extra for this service. We have high standards and strive to be the best and the best moves fast without having to charge extra.
  3. Proven results - We completed a study of hundreds of listings that used IMOTO and found some incredible results. We will be providing those stats via press release in the near future. But, suffice it to say, the results show that listings that use IMOTO real estate photography sell faster and at higher prices than those listings that do not use us.
  4. Technology - Our technology platform gives our clients a powerful tool at their disposal. They can log in, place orders, and pay...all from the site. As soon as payment is made the photos are released immediately via email. That means all you do is pay and then go check your email and your mls-sized photos are waiting for you! Additionally, in your order history page you have print-sized versions of your photos waiting for your download. So if you will be making a flier just login to imotophoto.com and your print sized photos are there for you.
  5. Built by a Realtor - I was in the real estate industry as an associate broker for nearly a decade. I know what Realtors want and what they may need. That is how we can tailor IMOTO to focus on a Realtor's actual daily needs. We know that most Realtors do not use or want all of these bells and whistles that many other companies may think Realtors need. That is why we focus on creating your marketing content only and focus on being an industry leader on a very narrow field of products. You are the best at selling real estate and we are the best at creating high-quality marketing content...period.