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Posted by Darryl Glade on May 19, 2014


 verb \ˌdif-ə-ˈren(t)-shē-ˌāt\

: to make (someone or something) different in some way

: to see or state the difference or differences between two or more things

IMOTO was created because we wanted to create a real estate photography company that was completely different than all of the other real estate photographers out there. We want to change real estate marketing by providing extremely high-quality photography through an easy-to-use technology platform, with quick response time, all at reasonable prices.

Here are a few ways that IMOTO differentiates ourselves from the rest:

  1. Quick response - Realtors need quick results. Therefore, we staff enough photographers to get to your listing in a reasonable period of time and always return the perfectly edited products in less then 24 hours...at no additional charge! Also, we shoot a special type of photography that allows us to not have to use lights which means we can shoot the listing in typically less than an hour.
  2. Online Accounts - We have invested heavily in our technology platform. You can create an account on our website and then place orders and pay for your products all on our secure website. Also, your photos are saved in your account. That means if you ever lose your photos you can log in and download them again. Additionally, we save larger, print sized photos on our site. So if you need to make a flier just login and download the large files at your leisure.
  3. Blue Skies - We guarantee blue skies! Well, of course we can't control the weather, but our editors are the best in the business and will add blue skies. That means blue skies even if it is raining outside when we take the photos! This is no charge at all!
  4. Tall Tripod - We also provide a 30 foot tall tripod photo at absolutely no additional charge. These photos are fabulous at capturing the "estate." It gives viewers a much better idea of what the land and house look like. Also, for those houses on the side of hill, this shot allows a straight on view instead of looking up!

These are a just a few things that make us different from our competitors. Give us a try, I think you will agree that we have "differentiated" IMOTO from the rest of the pack!