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Episode 3 - Marx Sterbcow, RESPA Attorney

Posted by Hannah Walker on March 14, 2016


The IMOTO photo Podcast: Behind the Lens with Real Estate Titans

Marx Sterbcow, RESPA Attorney

Join Darryl Glade, CEO of IMOTO photo, as he interviews industry experts about their journey to success and the tools that got them there. This sneak peak into the personal lives of real estate leaders will leave listeners with actionable tips and tricks to help them achieve real estate greatness.

On today’s show we will be interviewing Marx Sterbcow. Marx is the Managing Attorney of The Sterbcow Law Group and is the owner of The RESPA Resource Law Center. He holds a BA from Tulane University, a JD from Gonzaga, and an LLM from The John Marshall Law School. Marx is the only residing attorney in Louisiana to have earned an LLM in Real Estate Law and is one of less than 120 attorneys in the entire United States to have earned this highly sought after Master’s degree in Real Estate Law. He has received a number of accolades including being named Top 40 under 40 in the US Real Estate industry, Top 50 attorneys by New Orleans City Business, Superlawyers Rising Star multiple times and a Superlawyer in 2015. He currently serves on RESPRO (Regulatory & Policy Committee for the Real Estate Services Providers Council). His expertise as turned him into one of the country’s leading RESPA attorneys and frequently lectures on the subject and has been published in innumerable publications.

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