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Facebook for Realtors

Posted by DarrylGlade on August 25, 2012

SNAP Real Estate Photography presents 5 easy tips on Facebook for Realtors.

Social media participation for Realtors

As always, here at SNAP we want our Realtor clients to embrace social media and utilize all of the fabulous benefits from social networking. Here are 5 nuggets of information that focuses on making your social media time more effective and efficient. Facebook for Realtors...

  1. Business page - Do you have a separate Facebook page for your real estate business? Or do you just use your personal page? Well, if you haven't already, you should create a business page. Here is why...Facebook doesn't like it when you use your personal page as a business page, they want you to use the business page feature. Also, your friends probably don't all want to here about your real estate business all the time. Some of them do, and those people will "Like" your business page when you create it. So keep your personal and business Facebook pages separate.
  2. Brand building - Use your Facebook status updates and photo uploads to build your brand. In order to build a complete brand, you need to allow those who "like" your page to see all about you as a person. A Realtor on Facebook needs to show the type of person you are and also perhaps some of your interests. This will differentiate you from other agents because potential clients will feel like they know you better and may be more likely to use your services. Achieve this by posting not just information on your listings, but also post links to events that you plan on attending, or post congrats to recent purchasers, or maybe even upload your favorite recipes. Give the public a taste of who you are!
  3. Photos - Here at SNAP we have tested a few different types of posts on our own Facebook page. We have found that photos are king on Facebook. When we post photos we have increased views as well as much higher numbers of comments. So what? Well, that means photos grab viewers attention...and isn't that part of the whole reason you are doing this? Take photos at closings, take photos while showing houses, hey, post a funny photo of you and your family! Facebook for Realtors is great for this topic because there are so many opportunities to take photos.
  4. Interact - Make sure to "Like" other businesses on Facebook and interact with them.  Always have the last word on your Facebook page. If someone comments on your photos, comment right back and try to engage your viewers. The more you comment, the more people with comment on your page. Don't just passively use Facebook like you may do on your personal page...on your business page for real estate try to be more outgoing.
  5. Consistency - You have to commit to a social media plan. Posting once a week will not generate the traction you are looking for. Make time everyday to engage in social media and Facebook. Logon and comment on a business you like or even just "like" one of their status updates. This will get your name out in the public regularly. Try to commit to making one status update a day. It really could not be easier. Take a photo with your smart phone and you can upload directly to Facebook. Of course, don't go too far and post too often. Your Facebook following will jump ship quickly if you post hundreds of times a week! Try to find the right balance for you and your business.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post on Facebook for Realtors. An easy list of 5 tips.