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How to Take Great Real Estate Photographs

Posted by DarrylGlade on July 02, 2012

Ok, so this post is a bit tongue in cheek. Teresa Boardman is a Realtor in Minnesota and she has developed a few instructions to help Realtors take incredible photos of their listings. Take a look at the blog post with these photography instructions.

Here is the short list copied from her blog post:

The following items are needed and my instructions should be followed to the letter. You will need: A camera, a towel, a table or sturdy flat surface a hammer, a phone and a room that needs to be photographed.

  • Remove camera from case
  • Remove battery from camera and put it in your pocket.
  • Place towel on flat surface
  • Place camera on top of towel
  • Fold towel over camera until it is completely covered. (Not the towel the camera)
  • Pick up the hammer and hit the camera at least 10 times. When the camera is flat you have hit it enough times.
  • Use the phone to call a photogrpaher
  • Carefully pick up the towel and keep it folded and toss it in the trash. (this part may take some practice)
  • Take the battery to a recycling center.

SNAP Real Estate Photography did not pay Teresa for her highly intelligent list of instructions!

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