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IMOTO - A Snapshot

Posted by DarrylGlade on May 07, 2014

IMOTO has had a very exciting few months here in 2014. Including our re-brand from SNAP Real Estate Photography to IMOTO and our exciting expansion into the Atlanta real estate market, IMOTO is moving from a top local real estate photography company to a regional player. I would like to take a moment from our operations to speak to two topics.

1) IMOTO is laser focused on continuous improvement. We want to always be getting better. Our new IMOTO logo was specifically designed with this in mind. There is one main circle right in the middle of the logo that represents the company itself. The five remaining circles represent the five stakeholders of IMOTO: our clients, buyers, sellers, the IMOTO photographers, and the IMOTO team. By encouraging communication between all five circles we will always be increasing the strength of the main circle: IMOTO as a company.

Therefore, I encourage you to let us know how we are doing. Tell us what we do great but also tell us what we can improve...tell us what your clients think...we love to hear success stories, but we also need to hear about possible problems. Please email us at and let us know your thoughts.

2) Our entry into the Atlanta market has been great. I have met with numerous agents and have already given a few presentations at some of the top offices in Atlanta. While we are focused on growing in Atlanta, we want to make sure that our existing clients continue to receive top customer service. We have hired new photographers in our existing markets to support the increased demand and to be able to provide quick order to photo shoot timing. IMOTO has also been investing in our technology platform to continue to enhance our client's user experience on our site. A few new tools will be coming soon! We have also added staffing to manage all of the orders that come in on a daily basis. You should have already seen a much faster response time once you place an order.


All in all, IMOTO is accomplishing things that were only a dream a few years ago. We are entering new markets and taking on the challenges that expansion creates while at the same time we are focusing on making sure our existing clients' expectations are surpassed. IMOTO has empowered us to impact local real estate industries and has also empowered those who are fortunate to work at IMOTO to have a job that is stimulating and challenging. We will continue down this exciting road that we are on!

-Darryl Glade, CEO