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IMOTO's Video Walk-Through

Posted by Hannah Walker on March 08, 2017

We are very excited to announce the addition of another product to our video portfolio! IMOTO's new Video Walk-Through is a great, affordable option for capturing your listing on video. The Walk-Through is 2 minutes maximum and is set to pleasant music. This product costs $95 and is only available as an add-on to a photo shoot. Our professional videographers film the listing to give the impression of walking through the home, making it the perfect product to help you hook buyers and get them to visit your listing in person. 

Not only can this product help you sell your listing, but it can also be a great way to get more listings! Sellers love knowing that you are pulling out all the stops to market their listing, and often times, this means that they want you to utilizing full motion video in your marketing. As you know, this can be expensive! The IMOTO Video Walk-Through is designed to be an affordable solution so that you and your sellers can truly have it all. Now, for only an additional $95 you can add a Video Walk-Through to your photo shoot order. Compared to IMOTO's traditional video product, which is priced between $250 and $350, this is a steal! Plus, the lower price point means that you can now have video on ALL of your listings...not just the luxury ones!   

In addition to leveraging the IMOTO Video Walk-Through to acquire listings, you can also use it to stand out on other marketing platforms like Zillow. We created this product so that it satisfies all of Zillow's video walk through requirements, meaning if you are a Premier Zillow Agent, you can use IMOTO's Video Walk-Through instead of filming a video through the Zillow app. What does this mean? Your video will give your listing a huge competitive advantage!  

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