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IMOTO - The Truth in our Photos

Posted by Darryl Glade on June 23, 2014

Ahh, the dreaded word in real estate photography..."Photoshopped." As in, "Was this crack photoshopped out of the listing photos?" Or, "This room is much smaller in person, were the listing images photoshopped to make the rooms look bigger?"

IMOTO photo was built by a Realtor and professional photographer so not only do we know that those questions about Photoshopping can come up, but we also know how to take photos to avoid those questions. IMOTO prides ourselves on taking very realistic real estate photography. It is our goal to create realistic images. This goal has brought 3 foundations in our photography:

  1. No editing that will misrepresent the property
  2. Intelligent use of the wide angle lens 
  3. The agent has final approval of all photos

IMOTO editors understand that while we aim to present the listing in its best light, we do not edit out material defects in the property. These defects include cracks in walls or in the driveway, damaged roof shingles, or other defects whose removal would be misleading. We are frequently asked to remove overhead utility lines. In fact, some real estate photography companies automatically remove power lines. IMOTO has made the executive decision to not remove utility lines during the course of our standard editing process. 

So what happens if a client asks us to remove a power line? Of course we have the ability to do that level of editing, but should we? We take this request on a case by case basis. For example, if the client asks us to remove an entire power line with a giant pole in front of the house we nearly always refuse as this would be material to a potential buyer. But what if we take our 30 foot aerial shot and there is simply a line in the way as we look down on the property? We normally would remove the line from the photo. The reason being that we likely have a second exterior shot that shows the power line and because the view from the aerial shot is an atypical view from 30 feet up in the middle of the street. But of course, the client has to specifically request the editing.

IMOTO photographers also understand that the use of wide angle lenses can not only create distortion of the photo, but it can also make the room feel even larger than it really is. Part of IMOTO's photographer training program is directed to this issue. Our photographers are instructed on how to capture a room without creating a "tunnel effect" or making a room look like the inside of the Superdome. Of course, we want to capture as much information about the room as possible so that is why we use wide angle lenses, but we know how to use them correctly. It is a fine line to walk, but we are confident in our process. Not only that, the agent reviews the photos at every shoot. This allows the agent to have final approval which allows them to feel confident in the images that they will receive.

The level of photoshopping that IMOTO does implement is used to enhance the photo. We have been developing our editing process for numerous years and we continue to update that process and make it better. Our editors understand digital photography and know the little issues that are created with digital cameras, such as: colors not being true, lens distortion, blown out windows, and sharpness. We address these issues head on and correct them in our "post processing." These corrections, along with the other editing (brightness, contrast, etc.), are applied to every single one of the thousands of photos we take on a daily basis. Can you believe that all of this is done for every single photo in every single order in every single city daily and we still turn everything around in less than 24 hours??!! Add the free virtual tour that is created for every order and you can begin to understand the significant capacity that IMOTO has built.

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