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Instagram for Real Estate Agents

Posted by DarrylGlade on July 14, 2012

Another fun and simple tool real estate agents should be using is Instagram. First of all, Instagram is currently a free app you can find in your favorite app store. FYI, not just for Apple products anymore, Droid recently got Instagram. There are currently 50 million Instagram users.

Here at SNAP we like to keep things efficient and effective. That sometimes means approaching certain things from a relatively basic perspective. We realize that real estate agents are very busy and have a lot to focus on already. So we like to create systems that any Realtor can embrace easily and effectively...even if that means not using every single feature a platform (like Instagram) offers.

So what is Instagram, why you should use Instagram, and how you should use Instagram?

WHAT: Instagram is an app you use on your mobile device that allows you to easily take photos, apply cool effects, and post them online. The developers of Instagram specifically created the app with the intention of keeping it as simple as possible.

WHY: It is soo easy! You always have your smart phone with you at all times so it takes nothing to snap a photo or two. Photos are content that allows you to connect with other people. In real estate, that is the name of the game...connection. The more people you connect with the more business you will have. The subjects that you choose to photograph will help shape your brand.

HOW: Take photos of satisfied clients at closings or when they are reading accepted offers. Take photos of your listings every so often. Take a photo of your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. By taking these photos you let potential clients learn about who you are and they are able to connect with you on a level more substantial than if you send them a "just sold" postcard. Additionally, you can use these photos across all of your social media sites...Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You are on these sites aren't you?

If this all sounds right up your alley but want some more guidance, feel free to contact us and ask a question. Better yet, leave a comment here below so others may be able to learn as well!

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