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Making Your Listing Picture Perfect

Posted by Hannah Walker on April 26, 2017

We feel your pain, not every listing is picture perfect. However, there are things you can do to help guarantee the best possible outcome when it comes to real estate photography services.

IMOTO offers a free resource for agents to give their clients prior to their photo shoot: IMOTO’s Pre-Shoot Checklist. However, in this blog post we want to go a little deeper and look at preparing your listing for all types of real estate photography service.

Photo shoot: IMOTO’s Pre-shoot Checklist says it all. But, we do recommend that you, the real estate agent, visit the property prior to the shoot to make sure it is accessible and photo-ready. This will reduce the risk of being charged a late cancellation fee because the homeowners have not properly prepared for the shoot, and it minimizes the chances of needing post-shoot edits.

Floor Plan:
- Plan ahead and figure out what your want to title each of the rooms in the floor plan. The photographer will ask you for this information.
- Make sure all rooms are accessible, including the garage, guest house, storage rooms etc.
- If there is a room your are using to dump clutter into (and not photographing) and you want to include it on the floor plan, make sure the photographer can move around in the room in order to take the measurements.

Drone Shoot: Imagine that you are viewing your listing from a bird’s eye view. Are there unsightly things that would be seen? Here are some things to consider:
- Put garbage cans in the garage or out of sight.
- Remove all cars/trucks from driveway front of the home.
- Clean the pool and remove pool cleaner, pool toys etc.
- Clean dirt off driveways, patios etc.
- Make sure the lawn is clean and manicured.

Twilight: There is a limited window of time when the dusk lighting is perfect for a twilight shoot, so being 100% prepared is crucial to a successful shoot!
- All the exterior lights should be working and turned on. This includes garden lights, pool lights, patio lights, tiki torches/lamps, and statue lights. If any lights are on a timer, turn the timer function off to make sure the light stays on throughout the shoot.
- All interior lights turned on.
- Inside the house, pull all the blinds up, all the way (not just opened).
- The only lights that should be turned OFF are the floodlights. These cause harsh amounts of lens flare and put too much light into the yard, taking away the twilight effect.  
- If the homeowner or agent are not present for the shoot, make sure the photographer has access to the front and backyard.
- Remove all cars/trucks from the driveway.

Videos: If you order a video, please refer to the Pre-Shoot Checklist, as there is a lot of overlap for home preparation for photos and videos. However, there are few tips that can make your video go even smoother:
- Make sure all door ways are open and clear of clutter.
- Prepare ahead of time by knowing what rooms you want to feature in the video and what rooms you do not want to show.
- Have the verbiage that you want to add to the video ready to go! The photographer will ask you for a few key features that will be presented as graphics at the end of the video (i.e. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Uptown Cottage etc.).