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Newsletter Tips For Realtors

Posted by DarrylGlade on August 08, 2012

SNAP just sent out a newsletter and we felt that we should create a blog about: Newsletter Tips For Realtors!

We have had success with our newsletters in the past so we felt that our Realtor clients could benefit from what we have learned.

Newsletters for Realtors

First...why a newsletter? A newsletter is a great way to stay in front of your client base. A little reminder that you are in the real estate industry. We have Realtors tell us that the best Realtor doesn't always get the listing, just the one that was in the right place at the right time. The monthly newsletter is a great inexpensive way to be at the right place more often!

Second...ok, how do I do it? Find a free service online. SNAP uses MailChimp. It is relatively straight-forward and it does have some advanced features for those who want to take it to the next level. There are other programs out there that are just as good. Just find one that you are comfortable with and get started! These programs allow you to upload your database of email addresses and then design and send out the newsletters.

Third...what do I write about? SNAP likes short and sweet newsletters. People do not want to read long essays. We have found that short and to the point newsletters get the most traffic and generate the most clicks on our links in the newsletters. You can Google newsletters and read a million other opinions about what to write and how long it should be, but our experience tells us that short gets results. In terms of content, make it fun, make it educational, market your listings, include a photo of yourself, talk about local market conditions, or even invite a guest writer. If you Google newsletter ideas you will find plenty of options to help you get writing!

Fourth...what's next? Ok, you have sent out your newsletter, now what? Use your program statistics feature. MailChimp lets you track how many people open the newsletter, what links were clicked, how many address are no longer working, and who unsubscribes. You should use this information to help you in the future. You can learn which links are generating interest so you can make the links more prominent next time.  You should also include a subscribe feature on your website or blog. For example, SNAP's subscribe form is here: SNAP newsletter.

Give a newsletter a shot and keep doing it a regular intervals. Newsletters are great ways to stay in contact with your clients without spending a ton of money!