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Professional Real Estate Photography Works!

Posted by DarrylGlade on September 05, 2012

Does professional real estate photography work? SNAP Real Estate Photography likes to think so!

But why take our word for it? Please watch the video below and listen to a story from Bill Baker of RE/MAX N.O. Properties. Bill talks about the difference that professional real estate photography makes on listings.

So not only did he sell a listing that had been languishing on the market for a long time, but he also sold it to buyers who were not even looking to buy that type of house! These buyers were browsing the internet and the photos caught their eye enough to make them go take a look in person. Isn't that the marketing goal for all real estate properties to effectively generate as many showings as possible? You should add professional real estate photography to your marketing tool box. You never know, the photos may help attract additional buyers to your listing when those buyers weren't even looking in your direction in the first place!

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