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Realtor Tips For More Social Media Participation

Posted by DarrylGlade on August 09, 2012

Social media participation for RealtorsThis SNAP Real Estate Photography blog post is for all of you savvy Realtors out there that have already embraced social media as a platform to help sell listings and market themselves. 

Now that you are using Facebook, Pinterest, perhaps Twitter, and maybe a blog, what can you do to boost the participation of your fans and followers on these sites? Here are a couple of hints that SNAP has found while researching this topic for our clients:

Lee Odden of TopRank Marketing says that you must answer the following questions first (edited for our purposes):

  1. Who are you? Basically why you are using social media. What you want to be known for
  2. What makes you special? Your unique selling proposition.
  3. Have you reviewed? You should look at your last 10 or so Facebook posts or tweets and see if your social objectives are shining through.
  4. Thinking? Are you just posting randomly or is there is rhyme and reason to your social action.

Here are a few more bits of info that we found:

  1. Your posts should educate and entertain. This helps users to participate by liking or commenting.
  2. Only about 10% of people will respond on social media, so don't get defeated.
  3. You have to be active on other Facebook pages or blogs. Participation is a two-way street!