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Realtors - Are you wasting your time?

Posted by Darryl Glade on June 16, 2014

Realtors, don't waste your time taking and editing your own real estate photos! We have all heard the old saying "time is money." And as Realtors, this saying is most applicable to you. You have to be extremely efficient these days or else there is not enough time in the day to operate your small business. And, yes, I am firm believer that every real estate agent is running their own small business. Therefore, it is time to start thinking like a small business owner.

I just read a great article in Entrepreneur Magazine that is worth the quick read. The article talks about the times it is worth it to spend money on services rather than by doing it yourself. Basically it says that your time is worth a certain amount of money and that your time is often more valuable than the project you may be working on. So it would make obvious sense to simply pay a service provider to complete a task for you if that task can be completed by the service provider for less than what your time is worth.

As your business grows and becomes more valuable, the more sense it makes to pay someone else to handle certain tasks. Sure, you can do your taxes, take your own listing photos, or change the oil in your car, but shouldn't you be spending your time on something that makes you money? Also, when you include the fact that these providers are experts in their fields and can likely produce far higher quality output, outsourcing is a no brainer!

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