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SNAP can help you standout online

Posted by DarrylGlade on June 17, 2012

Ever wonder about the level of use on certain sites on the Internet? Here are statistics about what happens in only 60 seconds on the Internet:

  • 600 videos uploaded to YouTube
  • 1500 blog posts
  • 98,000 Tweets
  • 695,000 Facebook status updates
  • 510,000 Facebook comments
  • 694,445 searches on Google

So what does this mean to you, the real estate agent or home owner trying to sell your listings? This means that you should not necessarily produce more content to compete, but it may really mean that you have produce the RIGHT content. When it comes to online marketing of your listings, you must produce content that helps you stand out from the rest. This means being creative and allowing yourself to produce interesting and exciting content. SNAP Real Estate Photography offers many new and excited marketing tools that you can upload to your social media sites as well as to your website. If you need some assistance in creating an online marketing plan let us know and we would be happy to help!

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