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SNAP SlideShow

Posted by DarrylGlade on June 16, 2012

Brand new marketing solution! SNAP Real Estate Photography is proud to offer our new real estate marketing solution, the SNAP SlideShow.

We have been developing this solution over the past few months and are now ready to bring it to you, our clients. We wanted to create a new product that blended new technology but at the same time keep the product cost effective. We think that we have succeeded in this task and are really excited about the SNAP SlideShow.

The SNAP SlideShow is unlike any other product currently in the real estate marketing industry. We have created a solution that allows real estate agents to market themselves at the same time they are marketing their listings. Each agent is filmed introducing the SNAP SlideShow as well as offering closing remarks along with contact information. The SNAP SlideShow is a unique combination of video, high-end mapping, still photos, and 360 panoramas. Additionally, we have skillfully inserted motion into still photos, thus creating a more dynamic feel than the ordinary virtual tour. See it to believe it!

Want to see even more? Take a look at our YouTube Channel - SNAP Real Estate Videos

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