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SNAP Real Estate Photography

Posted by DarrylGlade on June 07, 2012

Welcome to SNAP Real Estate Photography!

Don't worry, this is still your good friend Kris Haug, formerly of Papilios. I decided that it was time to make a few changes and, well, that is how SNAP Real Estate Photography came around.

I am now partnered up with Darryl Glade, you may know him from his real estate agent days. Together, we created SNAP.

SNAP is the grown-up, exciting, and more effective version of the professional real estate photography company you became so familiar with. We have taken that original model and made a few tweaks to better serve you, our clients.

Here are some of the changes:

  1. New Name: We heard you, loud and clear, nobody could pronounce the name! Our name is much easier to pronounce and spell. SNAP Real Estate Photography. Plus, it is much more fun to say!
  2. New Prices: We have dropped the average price on our photos almost 5%. Not a huge drop in prices, but one that we hope our clients will see as an indication of SNAP trying to keep prices reasonable.
  3. New Website: In a few short months SNAP will be unveiling our new website and technology platform. This is perhaps the most exciting change. The new site will give agents a unique login and the ability to manage all of their photos online as well as order and pay for photo shoots as well as create listing fliers...for free! Stay tuned...
  4. New Products: SNAP is rolling out 2 new products. We are now offering the following new real estate marketing products:
    1. SNAP Slideshow: This product is a much more advanced version of the virtual tour that you are used to. The SNAP Slideshow combines still photos, 360 panoramas, and our aerial photos along with creative motion-adding effects. For example, We will take your normal exterior photo and insert a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds rolling along and moving through the screen. These little effects adding motion will be added throughout the SNAP Slideshow and will give you the ability to offer your clients something not found in this market. Additionally, this will be a marketing tool for you as you can be filmed in an interview setting introducing the house and also giving out your contact information.
    2. SNAP Video Tour: Yup, that is right. SNAP will now be offering video tours. We are not talking about virtual tours being called video tours. The SNAP Video Tour is actual video. We have gone Hollywood! The video will start with an interview given by you introducing the house and for 2-2.5 minutes we will give a virtual open house. The video will be uploaded to the internet and you will be given the link to the video as well as the ability to embed the video on your own site.

SNAP will offer great customer service and the same next day turnaround for your photos. We are very excited about this. If you have any questions give me a call! 504 451.8960

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