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Social Media Works for Realtors

Posted by DarrylGlade on July 18, 2012

A recent survey by Inman Next, indicates that top earning real estate agents (those earning more than $100,000) embrace social media much more than their lower earning colleagues.

Have you embraced social media???

Here are the findings of this survey that indicate top Realtors use social media to build their business and make more money.

  1. About half of the top earning agents have over 500 friends on Facebook (compared to only 1/3rd of middle income agents).
  2. Over 1/3rd of those earning over $200,000 have over 1,000 friend on Facebook.
  3. Top earners are about 15% more likely to have a Facebook page and over 300 likes.
  4. Top earners are about 12-15% more likely to have a YouTube Channel and a Twitter account.
  5. 70% of top earners have over 100 followers on Twitter.
  6. Nearly 1/3rd of those earning over $200,000 update their social media sites daily
  7. About 50% of top earners update their blog or website a few times a week (compared to less than a 1/3rd eanring $30k-$50k update only a few times a month).

Do you have a YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook page, or a blog?

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