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New Orleans Realtors - Social Media?

Posted by DarrylGlade on July 24, 2012

SNAP - Professional Real Estate Photography

If you have read our blogs here at SNAP you will see that we are always singing the praises of social media for real estate agents. We feel that it is hands down one the best marketing tools out their for Realtors. Why? First of is free! The best results can be found by using free tools online. All that it costs is your time and if you do it correctly you will be paid handsomely for that time spent.

Don't believe us? The latest issue of Realtor Magazine issued by NAR has a whole section on online marketing strategies. Take a look at this article on tech marketing. There are four stories about real estate professionals using online marketing. There are two of them in particular that grabs our attention.

There is one about social media. The broker discusses the types of social media outlets she uses. Most importantly, she talks about having to schedule time to make sure her social media is part of her business development. Are you scheduling time for marketing?

The second story that we like is about video. The agent talks about how video has opened up his marketing to individuals around the world. Now this Realtor talks about spending under $3,000 for each video. That is a lot of money. Take a look at the SNAP Slideshow. This is SNAP's alternative to a very expensive video. We combine video and still photography. After the Slideshow is produced we host it on our YouTube channel for you. Then you can take the video and embed it in your own website. Read our blog about YouTube for Real Estate.

If you need professional real estate photography in New Orleans give SNAP Real Estate Photography a call. Find us on Facebook and see what some of our clients have to say!