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Testimonial from the North Shore in Louisiana

Posted by Hannah Walker on May 13, 2015
IMOTO does a significant amount of business on the North Shore in Louisiana, and we are extremely delighted to share an email we got from Rose Blacklock of the Latter & Blum Mandeville office regarding her satisfaction with our products and services. Feedback is incredibly important to IMOTO, as we are continuously making improvements to better serve the needs of our customers. It is wonderful when we are able to exceed the expectations of our clients, so thank you Rose for letting us know about your positive IMOTO experience! 
Read about Rose's experience below:
"I have used your North Shore photography services for three of my listings in the last few months.  Your photographer is punctual, professional, helpful and goes out of his way to make all the photos "picture perfect."
I had to contact customer service for help on one of the three listings because of a time problem and changing me as the contact to the homeowner as the contact for the shoot.  Your office treated my problem like it really mattered, took care of the time and contact change and I very much appreciated it.
I had a new listing this Monday and needed photos taken ASAP.  Your photographer came last evening at 4:30, and once again made sure that all the photos would be the best shots to portray the home.  I knew it was late in the day and that I would probably not have the photos in time for my 9:00 office meeting this morning.  He said he would try to get them to me by 8:00AM but I was doubtful.
Well, much to my amazement there they were delivered to my email at 8:00 this morning.  I was able to download them and send them to my office and at 9:00 this morning I was able to present my new listing with 15 gorgeous photos.
Thank you all for the great service (and prices) that you afford us agents."
-Rose Blacklock, Latter & Blum Mandeville
Click here to visit Rose's Website.