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Using Pinterest as a Realtor

Posted by DarrylGlade on July 02, 2012

Are you a Realtor using Pinterest? Please comment below and let us know some of your success stories.

So SNAP entered the land of Pinterest a few weeks ago and we love it! Because we have had so much fun we thought we should pass along some of the info that we learned to our clients because Pinterest can not only benefit real estate photographers like SNAP, but also real estate agents like you. Pinterest is still invite only so if you want to join let us know and we will invite you to join.

Even though we have only been on Pinterest a short time, we are already connecting to people around the country and the world. This means that SNAP is creating a network around the world that we will be able to use and benefit from in the future. Real estate agents can also create a similar network to benefit from. By connecting with other agents around the world you can possibly generate referrals from other agents. Additionally, agents can try to create a local network on Pinterest and create relationships locally that may lead to buyers and sellers.

A more technical reason to start using Pinterest is that it can create an opportunity for link building. Without getting too crazy computer on you, link building is important to the success of your website or blog. Generally, the more links to your webpage found on other sites the better you look to search engines like Google. So you can "Pin" a photo of one of your listings that you have on your website to Pinterest and if others "rePin" it, you have created multiple links to your site. Suffice it to say, that is good for you and your business!

Take a look at these statistics about Pinterest which is more reason that Realtors should use Pinterest.

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