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YouTube for Real Estate Agents

Posted by DarrylGlade on July 19, 2012

Are you using YouTube already? Please comment below and let us know some of your success stories!

Did you know that nearly 75% of homeowners say that they are more likely to list with a Realtor using video?* Holy cow that is a giant number! That should be enough to tell you to start investigating how to incorporate video into your marketing mix. So how do you use video as a real estate agent?

Here at SNAP we like to keep our suggestions as simple and effective as possible. Of course, the easiest way to use video is to hire companies like SNAP to film your listings and host them on our own YouTube channel. You can then email the video link to your clients or even "embed" the video into your own site.

But if you'd rather give it a go on your own, here is how...Hopefully you are using a newer smartphone. If you aren't you really should, the ability to take photos and videos are a must these days in real estate marketing. Anyway, use your phone and take a video walk through of your listings. Plug your phone into your computer and transfer the video to your hard drive. Upload to YouTube and you now have a video online that you can use for your marketing. If you want to get fancy you can use the YouTube video editor to clean up your video.

Ok, so we know that many of you may never have done anything like this before and that "transferring" and "uploading" are foreign terms to you. If so, no worries! Give us a call and we will sit down with you and give you a quick lesson on uploading to YouTube. SNAP is truly committed on partnering with you, the real estate agent, and making sure that you are using all of the fabulous tools out there. Really, give us a call!

Video is a great way to build your brand. Consider using video to create other opportunities to let your clients learn more about you. So in addition to video walkthroughs, maybe create a video about your hometown or even a commercial about you and your company. Video can help you generate more listings and also solidify your brand with your clients.

Take a look at these examples:

Video tour - Nothing fancy, just gets the job done effectively.

Commercial - Funny and memorable.

*Study in 2011

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