DIY Floor Plan

DIY Floor Plans

Give potential buyers an understanding of your listing’s layout, before they ever enter the home! The IMOTO Floor Plan is a wonderful tool that will give buyers a feel for the listing prior to the actual tour. This often can create a level a familiarity with the listing that can lead to feelings of comfort. Comfortable potential buyers often lead to comfortable offers to purchase!

You can order the DIY floor plan here, make sure to send you sketch to this email:

If you don't have a sketch you can create you own, click here for a tutorial

This new IMOTO Floor Plan is a bit different than our previous floor plan solution. We have taken the old version and “softened” it a bit. This subtle difference gives the IMOTO Floor Plan a much more welcoming feel to it and makes it feel less like a construction plan. We think that potential buyers will be more attracted to this new floor plan solution. Please note that total square footage is not given.

24 Hour Turnaround
Online Download
No Down Payment
$ 40.00