Luxury Photo Shoot

Luxury Photo Shoot

IMOTO’s Luxury Photography is perfect for high-end properties that need a little extra attention. IMOTO’s most experienced photographers will spend up to 2 hours at the property and provide an added creative element to the shoot. With an artistic eye, the photographer will help you capture the intended lifestyle that the listing represents. Plus, enhanced editing and large file formats will make your listing photos magazine-ready. Can you say “Cover Shot?”

If you want to dazzle your clients and amp up your luxury marketing portfolio, then this ultra-high-quality product is perfect for you!

Product features:

  • Artistic/creative consulting to capture property’s lifestyle 
  • Extended time at the shoot so every detail can be captured (up to 2 hours)
  • Enhanced editing
  • Double quality check during editing
  • Magazine ready - 300dpi
  • Cover shots
  • Tif files (if Requested)
  • Jpg Large
  • Jpg MLS
  • Including up to 5 special edits (including green grass)

$10 per additional photo

# of Photos
Next business day
Online Download
No Down Payment
$ 249.00
$ 299.00
$ 349.00
$ 399.00
$ 449.00